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 Assassin Cross Guide

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PostSubject: Assassin Cross Guide   Assassin Cross Guide EmptyWed Jul 28, 2010 2:19 pm

Build for Pure Assassin Cross Sonic Blow PVP

There are two types of Assassin SB type for PVP.

1. Vit type

2. AGI type

Well I’ll start with a vit type. First of all, I want to make sure that vit types don’t nessecerily mean they have no flee, SinX are designed to have flee.

Vit types are good against :

High Wizards, because of their big hp they can withstand magics.

Dancers, because of their vit they have less chance of getting stunned by the screams of dancers / gypsy.

Snipers, cause their dex can reach up to more than 151 they surely won’t miss so better to have big hp.

Paladins, your hp is big it takes more than one or three matyrs to kill you, and you won’t die from its reflect.

White Smith, you gotta kill this job in one sonic blow if possible, cause once you get stunned you got some trouble.

Vit types are weak against :

Biochemist, especially this job, if your vit is 55-65 one acid demonstration will most likely kill you, so you’ll need a ghost card, best if you equip it in a Valkyrian Armor so it won’t break.

Ninja, well you can’t touch them so you’re gonna die, anyway ninja’s have to be dealt with by a Soul Breaker SinX.

Now I’ll go to the status.

STR: 80-90

AGI: 70-80

DEX: 45-50

VIT: 40-65

NOTE: 80 AGI should not be more than 80.

1. It’s a waste of points, I’m not calling this a vit type for nothing.
2. Once your AGI is more than 80, your vit will fall behind, and if you want your strength to be 90 then DON’T make you AGI more than 80, cause then the whole thing will fall apart.

For those who think that 80 strength isn’t enough to kill a paladin or a white smith with 80 vit and full defense equipment, I have some reasons that might prove you wrong.

Well the only problem is “zeny” probably.


Bloodied Shackle Ball (Accessories) Attack +50, however must be using “Ball ‘n’ Chain” (Feet) at the same time or it won’t be any use at all.

Vesper Core 02 (Accessories) Attack + 10 STR + 3.

Megingjard (Accessories) STR +40, this rocks, too bad there’s not many of them, well it is called “GODLY ITEM”, anyway if you do have a megingjard you won’t need the rest of these equipments.

Porcelio Card (Armor) Attack +25 Def -5, When equipped, “Of Wild Cat”, example: Formal Suit of Wild Cat.

Giant Whisper Card (Garment) Flee + 10 Attack + 20, When equipped, “Mystic”, example: Mystic Muffler.

Zeltrsh Mask (Head) Attack +5% on Demi-Human Monsters.

+7 - 10 Rune Infiltrator [1] / Skel Worker Card, Hydra Card.

NOTE: Hydra and Skel Worker Cards are supposed to have the same effect, however I tested it and it seems that Skel Worker Card has bigger damage for SinX that has STR over 88, and Hydra deals more damage for people with STR 80-87. +10 Bloody Rune Infil and +8 Boned Rune infil overall deal the same damage, this was tested on a Assassin Cross with 90 STR. If this is wrong don’t blame me, I’m just writing according to my server.

NOTE: The equipment I have listed above is attack equipment, attack only not defense ! Assassins sonic blow should kill in 1 hit so if it doesn’t change your equipments and kill them.

Defense Equipment:

Headgear: Feather Beret +7 - 10

Mouth: Oxygen Mask, it may look a big hideous but it reduces poison attacks by 20%!

Armor: Padded Armor [1] +7 / 10, Chain Mail [1], Pecopeco Card / Tao Gunka Card.

Garment: Wool Scarf / Manteau [1] +7 / 10, Whisper Card / Giant Whisper Card / Raydric Card / Orc Baby Card

Footgear: Tidal Shoes / Boots [1] +7 / 10 Matyr Card / Firelock Soldier Card

Accessories: Neckles [1] Spore Card Vit +4. x2


Accessories: Vesper Core 03, +5 Flee +3 Agi. x2

Items: Aloevera (Provoke Lvl 1) Box of Resentment (Attack +20) STR Dish Lvl 10 (+10 STR)

NOTE: Firelock Soldier is no use if its not equipped in a +9 foot gear or more.

NOTE: If you decide to use Orc Baby be sure to equip it in +9 garment or more, cause if its in a +9 garment it will be +15 Flee and Reduce neutral attacks 15%. (Raydric Card: Reduces neutral attacks by 20%) (Whisper Card: +20 Flee)

NOTE: If you do decide to use Padded armor, its good to combine it with Armor Charm, +150 HP +5 Def Only when equipped with Padded armor.

Basically to play a assassin cross you need to bring a sp regeneration item, potion for HP, and Elemental Converters !!

Before you Sonic Blow, remember to use elemental converters, if you use neutral there are 2 possibilities why your enemy doesn’t die.

* 1. He’s using a Ghost Card
* 2. He’s using a Raydric Card

Although Raydric Cards reduce only 20% that’s quite a lot, use converters so raydric cards effect don’t bother you.

My suggestion is to use a Earth Elemental Converter, because earth does not get blocked by Valkyrija’s Shield, where as Water Fire Shadow and Undead are reduced 20%. However there are counter methods to this.

* 1. Use a earth resist potion.
* 2. Undead Scroll (20% from earth, fire, water and wind) Lasts 5 minutes.

It’s important for a assassin cross to bring several elements. Fire, Wind, Earth and Curse Water.

If your friend fiber locks your enemy, use fire, or if your enemies are in a stone curse state.

If your enemy is frozen, use wind.

If your up against a Ghost Card, use poison.

If you keep sonic blowing your enemies but they just wont die, their probably using angeling card, so use curse water and your damage will times 3 towards holy elements and they are dead for sure. If they still don’t die cause their using a Isis Card (-30% towards shadow elements) then, simply use neutral since they have no raydric card.

The easiest way to play a assassin cross in pvp is to..

* 1. Enchant Deadly Poison
* 2. Elemental Converter
* 3. Box of Resentment
* 4. Cloak
* 5. Speed Potion
* 6. Sonic blow to your heart’s content.

NOTE: Don’t forget to backslide if your in danger.

If High Wizards Storm Gusts are annoying you and you just can’t kill them because of their safety walls, then simply hide and grimtooth them, it’ll probably damage 3-4k while using Enchant deadly poison and an elemental converter.

With AGI at 80 you can still get 300+ flee.

How to do it:

1. Use a wanderer / nine tails / whisper card (+20 flee), Honey Pastry (+30 flee) Agi Dish (+10 flee) 2 Vesper Core 03 x2 (+16 flee) and you got a Increase AGI lvl 10 (+10 flee) and your flee will be more than 300.

OK now I’ll start with the AGI Type.

AGI Types are good against:

Biochemist, cause your vit is practically 1 their acid demonstration would only hit about 50-70, if your tired of your equipment breaking then use a Dimik Card / Succubus Card these cards can - your vit so then their acid demonstration will miss.

Assassin Crosses, because your flee is high, it’ll take a long time before they hit you, AGI types are also good for one-on-one against another assassin cross.

AGI type are weak against:

Ninja, low hp low mdef = dead

Paladin, low hp = dead (unless using ghost card) then again you sonic blow him and then you’ll die against the reflect anyway.

High Wizards, low hp = dead

Sniper, low hp n defense = dead

Whitesmith, stunned = dead

Gypsy, stunned = dead

Professor magic type, low hp one double cast + fire bolt and bye bye to you.

Ok, there are more negatives than positives but this type is really good for one-on-one. With the right equipments and items your flee can reach until 330+

Flee Equipment:

Headgear: Special Evil Wing (Kafra shop, +3 flee) dunno if other servers have it, if you don’t then just use a ghost band.

Armor: +4 / 10 Rune Ninja Suit / Thief Clothes [1] / Thief Bug Card (+1 flee, +1 agi)

Footgear: +4 / 10 Tidal Shoes, Boots [1] / Chonchon Card (AGI +1 Flee +2)

Weapon: Fortune Sword x2 / Knife [4] / Main Gauche [4] / Four Fur Seal Card (Hit +10, Flee +3) x2

(Just to increase your flee)

Garment: Wool Scarf / Muffler / Hood [1] +4 / 10, Nine tails Card, Whisper Card, Wanderer Card.

Accessories: Vesper Core 03 x2, Brooch [1] / Yoyo Card (for those who don’t have money)

NOTE: Nine Tails Card is useless unless equipped in +9 garment or more.

if the server you are playing on has Honey and Sesame Pastries, use them their good.

Sesame (+30 hit)

Honey (+30 flee)

These pastries are really good help when your one-on-one with an assassin.

Well that’s the end.. hope this guide will be of some use..
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Assassin Cross Guide
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